Doggo Bike™ Trailer 2022 - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer 2022 - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer 2022 - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer 2022 - Doggo Bike
Doggo Bike™ Trailer 2022 - Doggo Bike

Doggo Bike™ Trailer

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Premium Dog Bike Trailer
  • For small, medium or large dogs up to 100 lb (45 kg)
  • Stroller conversion kit included

Key features:
- Easy to attach to bikes/ebikes
- Folds down in seconds
Suspension on wheels
- Solid base floor

See all features and details bellow.

Dog Sizing

* While some dogs that are taller and longer than our recommended dimensions ride happily in our trailers, it's important to remember that each dog is unique and their comfort is crucial.

Dogs can ride in a variety of positions, such as:

  • Standing or sitting with their heads out of the front opening or sunroof,
  • Lying down and curling up against the sides and back of the trailer with their heads out through the front opening,
  • Curling up completely inside the trailer for a nap.

It's important that they are comfortable within the given dimensions and have enough space to move around and shift positions as needed.


Dog Breed Examples


Bichon Frise


Coton de Tulear




Miniature Pinscher




Poodle (toy-sized)

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Shih Tzu

Yorkshire Terrier


Australian Cattle Dog

Basset Hound



Boston Terrier


Bull Terrier

Cocker Spaniel


Italian Greyhound

Miniature Poodle

Miniature Schnauzer

Pit Bull

Shar Pei

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Staffordshire Bullterrier



Airdale Terrier

American English Coonhound

Australian Shepard

Border Collie




English Springer Spaniel

German Shepherd (medium-sized)

Golden Retriever (medium-sized)


Labrador Retriever (medium-sized)


Standard Poodle

Real Life Examples

Here are some examples of dog clients using their Doggo Bike trailer!

Large Dogs






Medium Dogs

Levi & Sammy

Two medium dogs in a Doggo Bike Trailer

Small Dogs

Eurasier Puppies

5 puppies in a Doggo Bike Trailer


Meg & Oli

Two small dogs in a Doggo Bike Trailer

You and your dog could also stop by a local retailer shop and see it for yourselves. Click on the following link to find retailers near you.

The Doggo Bike trailer comes with two universal attachments with a 1/2" (12 mm) orifice (similar to a regular bike trailer for kids).

Most bikes and many e-bikes are compatible with our 1/2" (12 mm) orifice attachments.

As for any other type of bike trailer, please make sure your bike's rear wheel axle is compatible with this attachment size, as certain bikes require a 5/8" (15 mm) orifice (sold separately here).

Note that bikes with a thru-axle system normally need an adaptor for trailers. This is available in specialized bike stores.

What's included with your Doggo Bike trailer

    • Trailer internal dimension 31'' long x 24'' wide x 22'' high (79 x 61 x 56 cm)
    • Product weight 33 lb (15 kg) (bike trailer mode)


    • Back wheels (for bike trailer or stroller usage):
      • Size: 20 x 1.75
      • Basic hybrid profile tire
    • Front wheel (for stroller usage) 
      • Size: 12.5 x 1.75
      • Basic hybrid profile tire


    • Steel frame for extra durability
    • Suspension on back wheels
    • Solid base floor
    • Water-proof, sturdy and durable fabric
    • 4 leash-attachment points inside
    • All zipper-secured openings - no velcro 
    • 5 sides heavy-duty mesh for ventilation
    • Elastic-secured roll-up front and top windows
    • Safety reflectors and reflective stripes
    • Orange color for added visibility, especially in urban traffic
    • Folds down easily for transportation and storage
    • Ground clearance to avoid debris

Let’s keep things simple!

We prepared these quick instructions on how to put the Doggo Bike trailer together, be it in stroller or bike trailer mode.

Every Outing is Better with Your Dog

Longer Rides with Your Dog

By bike or ebike, let your dog ride along for the journey, or hop in and out the trailer for a well-deserved break while you continue to explore.

More Unforgettable Moments Together

Share precious moments with your dog. Bring your canine companion safely and comfortably to more places in their Doggo Bike trailer.

Expanded Outings with Stroller Mode

Reduced mobility and senior dogs can still join in with the Doggo Bike trailer in stroller mode. Take your dog along in the comfort of their stroller.

Safe and Comfortable for Your Dog

Safety Bungee Leash

Suspension on Wheels

Solid Base Floor

Zipper-Secured Openings

Durable Waterproof Fabric

Tailor-made training

Dogs love it!

Our force-free training, put together with Riannon, a certified canine educator from our local doggy school, For the Love of Dogs, makes it fun and easy to introduce your dog to the Doggo Bike Trailer.

Learn more

Every Detail Considered


Safety bungee leash

Your dog remains securely fastened in the trailer, just like a seat-belt in a car.

Zipper-secured openings

Keep your dog safely contained inside the trailer. It's their crate/carrier on-wheels.

Ground clearance

11" (28 cm) clearance to easily navigate over curbs and avoids objects and obstacles on the ground.

Sturdy steel frame

Built to last for years, with a strong and durable structure for your dog's safety and comfort.

Safety strap Doggo Bike trailer
Parking Brake

Immobilize your trailer for extra security.

Back-up Safety strap

An essential extra layer of security when attaching the trailer to your bike or e-bike.

Orange Color

Beautiful, bright and also extra visible, like the official safety color on road workers, keeping your dog safe around vehicles.

Safety Flag

Signals the presence of the trailer, especially around larger vehicules such as SUVs and trucks.

Reflectors and reflective stripes

Improve visibility in low-light conditions with front and back reflectors, as well as reflective stripes on both sides.

Westly Dog close-up Doggo Bike trailer



Generous interior perfect for accommodating one large dog or multiple smaller dogs, up to 100 lb (45 kg)

Solid base floor

A sturdy and stable foundation for your dog to sit or lie down.


Provides a smoother ride for your dog by absorbing shocks and minimizing the impact of bumps on the road.

Soft Pad

Included for the comfort of your dog.

Safety bungee leash

Stretchy section absorbs shock when your dog suddenly pulls or lunges forward.

Four attachment points

Two attachment points at a higher level and two at a lower level to better suit taller or shorter dogs, or to attach multiple dogs in the trailer.

Ventilation on five Sides

Front, back, both sides, and top openings: all equiped with a heavy-duty mesh to ensure that your dog gets ample fresh air and ventilation.

Waterproof fabric and PVC front cover

Protection from unexpected rain with the front and top covers closed.


Dogs can stick their heads out and receive treats. It can be opened independently from the front opening.


Folds down with one unclipping

Easily fits in your car trunk or at home.

Two bike/e-bike attachments included

So you get two bikes ready to haul your precious treasure.

Folds down flat Chris Doggo Bike trailer
Stroller conversion kit

All parts are included to walk your dog in stroller mode and to acclimate them to the trailer before bike rides.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
L.H. (Hamilton, ON)

I recently purchased the large dog trailer for my big boy Tucker and can’t be more pleased with it. As an E bike owner and somebody who loves to camp, it was getting stressful for Tucker to have to stay behind with others while I went out for a bike ride around the park. At nine years of age, he has become overly cautious with everything and stressing him out when I was leaving the campsite on my own. His introduction to the trailer was very motivated by treat, and once he figured out how to get in and get his head out of the top at the same time. He realized that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Would highly recommend this product and while others may say it is a cost that may be something they don’t want to have to pay out, in the long term it will only benefit your relationship with your dog and also alleviate stressors with them as well to be with you. Enjoy the ride everyone!

Lisa O. (Toronto, ON)
5 star for these furry friend tag along trailer.

We were going on a new adventure for us with E-bikes and didn’t want to leave our furry friends behind on our day long excursions while at Niagara on the lake area. We found these trailers to be large enough to house our larger dogs. We purchased two trailers, his (Charlie 60lbs) and hers (Willow 80 lbs). Very easy to fold flat and pop up and secure into position. The trailers had a lot of attention from others and asking questions. Very well made and was surprised at the shock system it had to add to the comfort level for our pets. The trailer has many zippered in flaps if you like to keep your pet secure while they are adapting to their new ride. Fastened adjustable leash included provided us the extra comfort of having them in there while we opened the top flap and they had their head stuck out taking in the views and breeze in their hair! Highly recommend these trailers to anyone wanting to bring their fur babies out on a bike tour.

Charlene H. (Ottawa, ON)
Miss Boots with her Doggo trailer

We are loving this trailer. It is ver well built and sturdy for a bit rougher trails. It is absolutely awesome and my fur baby loves being able to come along!

Melanie F. (Ottawa, ON)
Un beau produit!

Le chariot est solide et facile à manier. Mes chiens l'adorent. Je peux marcher longtemps et eux profiter d'une pause, C'est génial.

S.O. (Sarnia, ON)
Springer Approved - Updated

UPDATE: Doggo Bike contacted us about the hand brake issue and sent us a new bolt. Rowan is once again a happy Springer as he can join us on rides.

Purchase, shipping and delivery was seamless. The cart is well made and went together quickly. It connects quickly and tows well behind my bike.

The only complaint we have is that one of the bolts for the hand brake vibrated off on a ride.