Terms of service


All Doggo Bike™ products are offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. 



  • Firmly secure all nuts, screws, and knobs before use.
  • Reconfirm that all nuts, screws, and knobs are secure after every use.
  • Do not load more than 100 lb or 45 kg on this trailer.
  • Do not modify the trailer or attach additional loads.
  • The maximum allowed speed of the trailer is 20 kilometers per hour or 12 miles per hour.
  • Do not use the trailer on rocky, dangerous or closed roads.
  • Check the air pressure of the tires before every use. Inflate tires if the pressure is below the indicated value written on the tire.
  • Make sure that all parts of the trailer are properly attached before every use.
  • Do not ride on train tracks, streetcar tracks, tram tracks, or any kind of tracks.
  • Be aware of vehicles on the road at all times.
  • Slow down and always control your speeds on turns and slopes.
  • If any parts are missing, broken, damaged, or worn, stop using this item until repairs are made and/or factory replacement parts are installed.
  • Do not use this item in a way inconsistent with the manufacturer’s instructions as this could void the product warranty.



Be aware that this trailer can tip over and cause damage to the trailer and/or possible serious injury.

The following, but not limited to, can cause the trailer to tip over:

  • Colliding with a road obstruction or vehicles.
  • Taking turns over the recommended speed or at an unsafe speed for the context.
  • Sudden swerving.
  • Banked turns.
  • Improper wheel installation or a loose attachment.
  • Improper air pressure in the tires.
  • Failure to firmly hold the handle bar at all times in stroller mode.
  • Allowing the dog to get up through the top opening.


Be aware that because of the trailer’s weight, it will take additional time for you to start and stop while on a bicycle. Make sure to factor in additional time when crossing streets or paths.

  • The trailer may only be pulled by a fit and capable adult who has experience riding a bicycle. 
  • The adult must have sound judgement, good eyesight and hearing, and enough strength to pull the trailer.
  • Do not cycle or walk with headphones or other distractions. You must be able to hear the surrounding noises.
  • Do not pull the trailer with a motorized vehicle.
  • Do not use the trailer on all terrain-vehicle paths/tracks or on uneven ground, water, sand, gravel, snow, ice, oil, or other slippery surfaces.
  • Take extra care if you choose to use this trailer in wet, rainy, snowy or freezing conditions.
  • Avoid using this trailer at night or in dark conditions. If you chose to use the trailer at night, wear reflective clothing and use bright headlights/taillights.
  • Make sure that the wheels are properly maintained.
  • Do not replace the tires with high-pressure tires.
  • Always use the safety flag to increase your visibility to drivers and other cyclists.
  • Always follow road traffic laws and local bicycling regulations when using this trailer.



Doggo Bike expressly disclaims any and all liability for personal injury, property damage or loss, whether direct, indirect, or incidental, resulting from the incorrect attachment, improper use, inadequate maintenance, or neglect of its products. 

By buying, installing, using or allowing the use of any Doggo Bike product, you understand and agree that the product is NOT designed or manufactured for use by persons or any animal or pet aside from a household dog or cat. The total weight in the product must be less than 100lb or 45kg. Your supervision is required when the product is in use by pets. You fully accept the possibility and risk that the pet may not always use the product safely or at all, and thus is susceptible to incur injury. You also accept the possibility and risk of injury should the pet not use the product safely or in the manner intended. It is your responsibility to manage how many pets use the product at a time. In no event shall Doggo Bike’s liability exceed the value of the product sold.

The products sold by Doggo Bike must be inspected before use to ensure it has not been damaged in shipment. If damaged, do not use the product and immediately contact Doggo Bike’s customer service team at info@doggo.bike .