Doggo Bike Trailer

Doggo Bike totally agrees and strongly encourages people to take their dogs out for walks and runs regularly.

However, like our dog Sischa, some dogs are not able to keep up with the speed of a bike, due to their morphology, their health conditions, or their age.

Furthermore, for longer rides over several kilometres, during many hours or days, as well as during hot climate conditions, even the most athletic dogs do require a break, and they can still be part of the ride in their Doggo Bike trailer.

Bike trailers for kids or loads do not possess the key characteristics to insure the dogs’ wellbeing, such as:

First of all the design shape, rather triangular for a kids model, is not adapted to dogs.

The base floor is not reinforced solidly to allow for a dog to feel stable, to move, to stand up, to sit or lay down at their will.

The openings are not designed for a dog to easily and comfortably go into the trailer, nor do they offer an opening in the front of the trailer as well as a sun-roof that are independent of each other.

The kids chairs do not provide a safe attachment to securely maintain a dog in the trailer, even if these chairs are removed.

These trailers do not include a safety-leash with a bungee part for the dog's comfort (such as our car seat-belts that provide some slack).

Their windows and mesh (often not available!) are not zipper-secured (often velcro) risking that the dog go out of the trailer by accident.

They often do not provide a wheel-suspension system to increase the comfort for the dog no matter the quality of the pavement.

The Doggo Bike trailer comes with two universal attachments for bikes with a 1/2" (12mm) orifice (similar to a regular kid's bike trailer).

Most bikes and e-bikes are compatible with our 1/2" (12mm) orifice attachments.

As for any other type of bike trailer, please make sure your bike's rear wheel axle is compatible with this attachment size, as certain bikes require a 5/8" (15 mm) orifice (sold separetely).

Note that bikes with a thru-axle system need an adaptor for the above mentioned attachment. This is normally available in specialized bike stores.

Normally dogs such as Australian Shepherd, Basset Hound, Poodles, Labradors, etc can be comfortably carried in the Doggo Bike trailer.

However, your dog’s weight and size should be taken into account.

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