Safety bungee leash

Ensure your dog is securely fastened in the trailer, just like a seat-belt in a car.

Zipper-secured openings

Keep your dog safely contained inside the trailer, as a mobile crate or carrier.

Ground clearance

Easily navigates over curbs and avoids objects and obstacles on the ground.

Sturdy steal frame

Built to last for years, with a strong and durable structure for your dog's safety and comfort.

Doggo Bike Trailer with white Samoyed dog and men on his bike
Parking Brake

Immobilize your trailer for extra security.

Back-up Safety strap

An essential extra layer of security when attaching the trailer to your bike or e-bike.

Orange Color

Increases visibility around vehicles, ensuring your dog's safety on the go.

Safety Flag

Signals the presence of the trailer, especially around larger vehicules such as SUVs and trucks.

Reflectors and reflective stripes

Improve visibility in low-light conditions with front and back reflectors, as well as reflective stripes on both sides.


Doggo Bike trailer with white Samoyed dog inside
100 lbs CAPACITY

Generous interior perfect for accommodatings one large dog or multiple smaller dogs.

Solid base floor

A sturdy and stable foundation for your dog to sit or lie down own.

Soft Pad

Included for the comfort of your dog.


Provides a smoother ride for your dog by absorbing shocks and minimizing bumps on the road.

Safety bungee leash

Stretchy section absorbs shock when your dog suddenly pulls or lunch forward.

Four attachment points

To better suit taller or shorther dogs, or to attach multiple dogs, the trailer has two attachment points at a higher level and two at a lower level.

Ventilation on five Sides

Front, back, both sides, and top opening all equiped with heavy-duty mesh to ensure that your dog gets ample fresh air and ventilation.

Waterproof fabric and pvc front cover

Protection from unexpected rain with the front and top covers closed.


Dogs can stick their heads out and recieve treats. It can be opened independently from the front.


Folds down with one unclipping

Easily fits in your car trunk or in a cupboard at home.

Two bike/e-bike attachments included

So you get two bikes ready to haul your precious treasure.

Stroller conversion kit

So you have everything you need to train your dog and to go out for strolls.